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Nat Cursio

Nat Cursio

Nat Cursio works with dance and the body, creating choreographies, curated programs and developmental platforms under the umbrella Nat Cursio Co. Her work has been presented in Taipei, Seoul, Busan, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and around Australia.

Nat’s work is concerned with the act of noticing. Often sensory, detailed and presented in unconventional settings, she creates situations where we might notice ourselves and each other in ways that are not always prominent in daily life, where the work can act as both an escape from and a return to the world in which we live. Vulnerability, resilience and hope are recurrent themes and Nat’s ongoing interest in our delicate ecosystems results in work that exerts a decidedly low carbon footprint and is adaptable for space and context.

Nat’s recent projects are; The Middle Room (Festival of Live Art / Theatre Works); Blizzard (The Substation); Private Dances (adapted for Hong Kong’s Freespace Fest, originally Next Wave 2010 winning the Green Room Dance Award for Concept & Realisation); Critnic (with Lucy Guerin Inc and Next Wave); Long Time At Sea (commissioned by The Victorian College of the Arts); and Action Stations (for Campbelltown Arts Centre, NSW).

Nat is currently developing; a new screen choreography for Carriageworks’ 24 Frames Per Second with media artist Daniel Crooks; a new live performance work (Recovery) with Shannon Bott and Simon Ellis; a West Australian Edition of her program With a Bullet: The Album Project; and Tiny Slopes, through the Malthouse Tower Residency during Dance Massive 2015.