etoro review 2018The Dance Massive Sector Meetings provide an excellent opportunity for Australian performing artists and arts organisations to meet our visiting Delegates for in-depth 15minute one-on-one meetings.



Delegates supported by the Australia Council, through Dance Massive 2015 are invited to attend at least one of the Sector Meeting sessions on Tuesday 17th March. Their chosen session(s) has been entered into the Booking system below. The meetings begin at 10:00am and continue through to 5:00pm at 20min intervals [15 minute meeting plus 5 minute turn-around] across two rooms at Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall.

  • The morning session [10:00am to 1:00pm] consists of 8 appointment times.
  • The afternoon session [2:00pm to 5:00pm] consists of 8 appointment times.

Performing artists and arts organisations are invited to book appointment times with up to three delegates by midday Friday 13th March.
In the event that there are meeting times still available after this time, a second round of appointments will be made available for anyone [including those who have already booked three appointments] to book additional and unlimited appointments with remaining delegates. This second round will end at midnight Monday 16th March.

In the event that there are still appointment times available after this second round of online bookings, performing artists and arts organisations are welcome to ‘try their luck at the door’ and register on the day.

Please note, we’ve had some technical difficulties with accessing the booking site and as a result have been unable to remove the 3-appointment-limit on Friday afternoon as scheduled. We are hoping to rectify this on Monday after which time you will be able to go in and book additional meeting times. This has had no affect on booking made.

Frequently asked questions:

Q. I’m not a member of the Dance sector, can I still attend?
The Dance Massive Sector Meetings are open to all Australian performing artists and arts organisations including but not limited to the Dance, Theatre and Circus communities. We ask that you do your research though. There is little point in booking in an appointment with a Delegate that is focused on contemporary dance if you are a puppetry company for example, unless you can show that your work is of relevance to the curatorial approach of the delegate and their companies.

Q. Can I only meet with the financially supported delegates?
A. NO.
Whilst attending the Sector Meetings are a compulsory part of the supported Delegates itinerary, we have invited ALL attending delegates to join us at the Sector meetings and are thrilled at the fabulous response by the self-funded delegates. Delegates from all around the world, both financially supported and self-funded are incredibly excited about meeting with you all and have committed a great deal of time to ensuring they engage with as many of you as possible during their stay.

Q. How many appointments can I book in for?
A. To ensure that everyone gets a ‘fair go’, each artist/company is invited to book appointments with up to 3 Delegates by midday Friday 13th March. We expect appointment times will fill very quickly but, if at the end of this booking window, we find there are still unfilled appointment times, a second round of appointments will be opened up to all artists/companies, including those who have already booked their 3 appointments. This second round offer is unlimited and artists/companies can book as many additional meetings with available delegates.

Q. Can I bring support materials to the meeting?
A. YES. As long as you keep to your 15 minute appointment time, you are welcome to bring whatever support material you feel appropriate including, but not limited to, hardcopy material, laptop presentations, DVD’s etc. Please note, if you choose to present using a laptop, please make sure you laptop is fully charged and not reliant on access to power or internet access.

Q. Can I bring additional company members to the meeting?
. YES [but within reason]. Each meeting room will be equipped with 10 to 20 small 2-seater meeting tables [i.e. cabaret style tables] and a larger table which will accommodate up to 5 people. Delegates will be assigned a 2-seater table for the duration of their session. In the event that more space is required, your meeting will be relocated to the larger table for the duration of your appointment. Delegates will then return to their 2-seater table for the next meeting.

Q. How do I find my appointment?
A. On arrival at the Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall foyer, you will find copies of a ‘seating plan’ with details on all pre-booked appointment times, room numbers and Delegate’s table numbers. Check these seating plans and then follow the directional signage to your allocated room. On arrival at the correct room, a DM15 volunteer will be able to assist you further in finding your Delegates. Please note, Delegates remain at the same table throughout the sessions. Artists/companies will need to move tables between meetings to find your delegate.

Q. What should I do before I book an appointment?
A. The first thing you need to do is familiarise yourself with our visiting delegates by going to our About Delegates webpage. Here you will find a list of confirmed delegates, their biogs, curatorial statements and a helpful headshot so you know who you are looking for. Once you’ve done this, pick your top 3 delegates and book… quickly. [We suggest you make a secondary list of delegates you would like to meet in case more appointment times become available].
Please note, the delegates list is being updated daily as more information is sent through

Q. What to do before you arrive on the day?
A. Prepare yourself. Make sure you know what you want to say to our visiting delegates. Have any support material ready and check it twice to make sure your presentation comes across as professional and well thought through. Make sure you know who you are meeting with, what their curatorial focus is, check out their company websites and put your best foot forward.

Q. I missed out on booking a meeting online. How can I be involved?
A. There are 640 scheduled meeting times, more than 3 times the amount in 2013. We expect there may be one or two unfilled meeting times left on the day. If you would like to be involved, try your luck at the door. Flexibility will be required as your preferred delegates may not have an available timeslot. A sign-up sheet will be available in the Arts House, NMTH foyer.

WHEN: Tuesday 17 March, 10am – 5pm
WHERE: Arts House – Meeting Room, Rehearsal Room and Supper Room

The Inter/National Visitors Program is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.custom term paper writing