Ms. Anna Cheng

West Kowloon Cultural District Authority, Manager, Performing Arts (Dance) Hong Kong, China


Anna Cheng is a versatile talent crossing the roles of a producer, performer and writer in performing arts field for 17 years. She is now working in the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority at the Performing Arts team (Artistic Development) as Manager, Performing Arts (Dance). Before this, she was an independent producer and the last project was co-curating with Nat Cursio for the Hong Kong edition of Private Dances at the Freespace Fest 2014. She was also hired by major arts organizations including the Hong Kong Arts Development, Hong Kong Arts Festival and Hong Kong Arts Centre to produce and manage various milestone and cross-cultural projects like the Hong Kong Dance Festival 2010, IDEA 2007 (6th World Congress of International Drama/Theatre & Education Association), Little Asia Dance Exchange Network 2004 (tour to Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, Melbourne and Hong Kong) etc. She is a Professional Member of the International Association of Theatre Critics (HK) since 1998.

On Friday 13th of March, we invited 6 International delegates to give us an overview of the dance sector in their region. What are the landscapes, trends, difficulties and new directions coming out of their country or region? What are their influences? Where do they fit on a global stage and how what connections do they see with Australian Dance? This is what Anna Cheng had to say.

Curatorial Statement

Form & Context: how the different bodily practices would inform the “contemporary” body
Space: unconventional setting or environment
Artists: those who are willing to take artistic risks and dig deep in search of their individual voice!
Audience: the ways in which audience are engaged with performance