Ms. Annina Blom

Baltic Circle International Theatre Festival | DuvTeatern Theatre Company in Helsinki, Communications Officer | Executive Producer Finland, Helsinki, Europe


Annina Blom is the Communications Officer for the Baltic Circle Festival and Executive Producer for the DuvTeatern Theatre Company in Helsinki, Finland.    Annina’s interests lie within accessible arts and contemporary performing art. She has worked as a freelance producer, programmer and tour manager for various performing arts shows and events in Helsinki and Europe since 2007 and she has also spent a year in Australia working with the Melbourne Fringe Festival (2008) and the Adelaide Garden of Unearthly Delights (2009).

Curatorial Statement:

Baltic Circle is an International Festival for Contemporary Theatre and Performance, organized every November in Helsinki. Baltic Circle is a meeting point for artists and audiences as well as an international performing arts laboratory, operating in several European networks. It is a community, which offers artists a space to make radical art works and interventions to society, to challenge the boundaries of theatre and performance aesthetically and politically. The festival is a work of art itself that takes a stance and invites its participants into dialogue.