Ms. Ása Richardsdóttir

Ice Hot - Nordic Dance Platform, Co-Organisor Reykjavik, Iceland


Ása Richardsdóttir started her career in television at the age of twenty and was a reporter of international news. She founded one of Reykjavik´s independent theatres in 1994 and was the executive director of Iceland Dance Company for eight years, from 2002 – 2010. During her time with the company its annual turnover doubled and status and image strengthened both at home and abroad. Ása was one of five directors of the board of New Landsbankinn 2008 – 2010, formed after the collapse of the Icelandic banksystem. Ása has held various positions in Icelandic culture life, e.g. President of Performing Art Iceland and spokesperson for Creative Industries Iceland. She is currently the project leader of Wilderness dance, the largest every residency opportunity for dance in the Nordic/Baltic region and international coordinator of Ice Hot Nordic dance. Ása is politically active and has since spring 2014 been a city councilor for the Social Democratic Alliance.

Curatorial Statement

I come to Dance Massive to explore the wealth of Australian Dance for a double purpose. For Wilderness dance which will, engage in collaboration and exchange with several Australian organizations 2016 – 2018 and for Ice Hot Nordic Dance, who will be working with Mobile States in a collaborative Dance Digital Project in coming years. Both projects are pending funding, but ones I feel highly committed.