Mr. Christian Watty

Internationale Tanzmesse, Co-Director Dusseldorf, Germany


Christian Watty studied French and German literature, languages and cultural management at the University of Düsseldorf and Brussels. After graduation he worked as a literature scholar on the manuscripts of Franz Kafka and as a theater dramaturge in different theaters in Germany .

In 2000 he first came in contact with the internationale tanzmesse as a volunteer. Then he started developping new international relations as a correspondent and member of the programming team of the Tanzmesse. Since 2013 he is the Co-director.

Christian is also a project manager of the international residency program « Dance Research / NRW KULTURsekretariat » and an independent adviser for the international programs in different theaters and festivals in France and in Germany.

Christian Watty has a passion for communication and networking in the dance field. He lives in France for the last 10 years and travels extensively in search of outstanding dance companies and to create networks for professionals who work in this sector.

Curatorial Statement

The internationale tanzmesse nrw is a biennial marketplace and festival platform for communicating and networking in the field of contemporary dance. At the Tanzmesse international dance companies and artists present their work live on stage (full performances) and choreographers, dancers, agencies, presenters and cultural institutions network and present their work in a lively marketplace.

The last Tanzmesse edition in 2014 took place from 27-30 August. In 123 stands,, more than 400 exhibitors represented more than 600 dance companies, choreographers and dance institutions from 58 countries. 72 companies and solo artists contributed at 11 venues to the performance program and in the context of the Open Studios, Specials and the Performance Parcours. Nearly 1600 registered professional visitors – artists, agents, curators, cultural managers, programmers and journalists – used the opportunity to expand their aesthetic and business knowledge, to network and to experience the diversity of contemporary dance productions live on stage.

Today the internationale tanzmesse nrw is an international hub for dance professionals from around the world and for the dance audiences of the region. The Tanzmesse is a festival, marketplace, discussion platform, and network.

The internationale tanzmesse nrw 2016 will take place between August 31st and September 3rd in Düsseldorf.