Mr. Guillaume Soulard

Tjibaou Cultural Centre, Artistic Director Nouméa, New Caledonia

Guillaume Soulard is the artistic director of the Tjibaou Cultural centre in New-Caledonia since 2012 but he has spent most of his career in New Caledonia and in the pacific region. The Tjibaou cultural centre is a building designed by Renzo Piano which hosts the Kanak Culture Development Agency. The program policy of the organisation is to promote, develop local indigenous productions in visual art, dance, theatre and music.

With a performing arts management background, Guillaume Soulard has given a special place to dance in his program by creating a dance festival called WAAN DANSE. For 3 weeks in September, the festival produces performance and presents productions from the pacific region and the rest of the world. The program is oriented in the idea of promoting new ideas about dance. It can be a festival dedicated for “those who don’t like dance”.