Ms. Johanna Tuukkanen

Finnish House of Dance Association, Arts Program Manager Kuopio, Finland


Johanna Tuukkanen is the Arts Program Manager of the Finnish House of Dance Association. The association aims at creating this new facility “The Dance House”, in Helsinki, which is planned to open in 2020. The Dance House will be an accessible and welcoming gathering place for the public while providing amenities for high quality dance performances. The Dance House will also ease the decades-long, chronic shortage of rehearsal and performance space for dance artists in the metro area of Finland.
Although the physical Dance House building doesn’t exist yet, we are already actively providing and developing activities for the public and the dance professionals such as international and national touring performances, mentorship program and national dance forum.

On Friday 13th of March, we invited 6 International delegates to give us an overview of the dance sector in their region. What are the landscapes, trends, difficulties and new directions coming out of their country or region? What are their influences? Where do they fit on a global stage and how what connections do they see with Australian Dance? This is what Johanna Tuukkanen had to say.

Curatorial Statement

The organization’s mission is to enhance the availability and diversity of high quality dance art. The Dance House building will be exceptional even by international standards, and will include a unique design and spatial arrangement embracing a wide variety of different genres of dance culture. The Dance House will provide a programme that consists of co-productions, international and national touring works and performances by Finnish dance companies.

Nordic Delegation.