Mr. Adam Hayward

Body festival [Dance and Physical Theatre Trust] / South Island Dance Network, Artistic Director Christchurch, New Zealand


Adam Hayward completed a Masters degree in performance studies then worked for the Centre for Performance Research in Wales for five years. In 2001 he moved to New Zealand where he has spent the last fourteen years organising, amongst other things, a highly successful annual dance and performance festival called ‘The Body Festival’, presenting local, national and international performances each year alongside an extensive participatory dance workshop and community outreach programme.
He served as a board member of DANZ (Dance Aotearoa New Zealand) from 2006-2013 and is currently a board member of Arts Voice and the Christchurch Arts Audience Development Project (two organisations set up post earthquake to support and advocate for the arts). He has been responsible for the creation of a number of creative projects in Christchurch including; Dancing Like the Stars, a Low decile primary school dance project, Southern Lights Dance Company, a commissioning repertory contemporary dance company, Dance Ambassadors, a high school dance based mentoring project and Move – a performance movement centre to be included as part of Christchurch’s rebuild.

On Friday 13th of March, we invited 6 International delegates to give us an overview of the dance sector in their region. What are the landscapes, trends, difficulties and new directions coming out of their country or region? What are their influences? Where do they fit on a global stage and how what connections do they see with Australian Dance? This is what Adam Hayward had to say.

Curatorial Statement

As part of the soon to be developed ‘Move’ space in the Christchurch rebuild I am interested in fostering and cementing greater links between Australia and New Zealand dance artists through a series of exchange possibilities and a proposed residency programme called ‘space to fail’. Plans are in place to begin this exchange with a season in September/ October 2016 of Australian artists coming to New Zealand with masterclasses, residencies, labs and performance opportunities and a return of New Zealand artists to Australia in 2017.