Mr. Bush Hartshorn

Ice Hot, Nordic Dance Platform. Copenhagen, Denmark


Until January 2015 Bush was the Artistic Director of Dansehallerne in Copenhagen Denmark, the largest building for Dance in Northern Europe. Throughout the nineties he was Artistic Director of the Green Room Manchester UK, one of a few venues in the UK to support innovative performance work at that time. He then relocated to mainland Europe to work as a festival Director and Dramaturg in Belgium and the Netherlands (De Beweeging and Rotterdam Festivals) returning to the UK in the early twentieth century to Direct one of the National Dance Agencies, Yorkshire Dance. Bush undertakes many shorter projects particularly mentoring artists. He led an annual mentoring programme for Daghdha Dance in Ireland in addition to mentoring young artists in Germany, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Uk and Denmark. Throughout the last thirty years he has formed and contributed to a number of international networks and various artistic juries and councils. He is regularly asked to contribute lectures, workshops and similar around the world.

Curatorial Statement

Bush’s curatorial interests are very broad and inclusive seeking out work that may be investigating new approaches to choreography or making connections in new social contexts. He embraces work that takes a rigorous approach to the body and its way of being and moving both physical and/or intellectual.

A current specific enquiry into how dancers/choreographers in the twenty first century are playing with folk/traditional dance and the contexts it is occurring.