Mr. Norisham Osman

The Kaizen M.D (Multi-Disciplinary), Founder & Artistic Director Singapore


With his strong foundation in tradition and an aesthetic that gravitates towards the experimental, Norisham makes for a crucial game-changer in the Malay dance circles and the performing arts industry on a whole.

As a dancer with a wealth of experience, he is in a good position to educate others and advocate the traditional art form; something that is indeed hard to come by in the youths of today. Even with having been in the scene for more than a decade, Norisham still continuously makes it a point to refresh his foundations and delve deeper into his roots by having close exchanges with masters of the dance form.

Norisham does not hinder himself when it comes to performing arts by also delving into other disciplines. He actively practices and performs music as well as theatre, and exposes himself further to other dances forms as well. With his explorative nature this places him in a good position for dialogue and collaboration with artists from all backgrounds within local and international. Norisham’s presses the importance of ‘process’ over ‘product’, and such a mind-set is valuable to push his craft to a higher level.

With his depth of experience and range of talent, on top of his knowledge of the industry and arts management, Norisham Osman plays a key-role in shaping the local scene and pushing the constructs of performing arts.