Mr. Paul King

White Bird, Co-Founder and President Portland, USA


Paul King, Co-Founder of White Bird, serves as President of the White Bird Board. White Bird, founded in 1997 by Walter Jaffe and Paul King in Portland, Oregon, is the sole dance-only dance presenter west of the Rockies. White Bird’s mission is to bring excellence in contemporary dance to Portland. Paul was Chair of the Board of Dance/USA, the national service organization for the professional dance field. He also served on the boards of California Presenters and the International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA), where he, with White Bird Co-Founder Walter Jaffe, acted as Co-Curator of the semi-annual Pitch Session. Paul and Walter were extremely honored to receive the 2012 William Dawson Award for Programmatic Excellence and Sustained Achievement in Programming at the Association of Performing Arts Presenters Conference in New York in January 2012 as well as the Jerry Willis Achievement Award for Artistic Excellence at the Western Arts Alliance Conference in Seattle in August 2011.

Curatorial Statement

Over White Bird’s 17 years, we have presented over 150 different dance companies from around the world,  with a vision to continuing to stimulate and engage our audiences as well as expand their exp0sure to all forms of contemporary movement. We have presented more dance from Australia than any other country except for US. I am looking forward to seeing a broad range of work at Dance Massive, both from dance artists I am not familiar with as well as from artists  and companies we have presented in the past.