Mr. Sufri Juwahir

Independent, Dance Artist Singapore


Sufri Juwahir began his dance career in street dance when he was 17 years old. Throughout the years of winning dance competitions and understanding the hiphop culture, Sufri grew an interest in the arts and searched to widen his dance vocabulary.

In 2008, Sufri joined Maya Dance Theatre as Principal dancer where he learned Bharathanatyam. Through Maya’s productions, Sufri had the opportunity to work with international artists; Danang Pamungkas and Eko Supriyanto (Indonesia), Janis Brenner (USA) and Oberlin Dance Company (ODC, USA).

His passion for dance brought him to LASALLE College of the Arts in 2010 where he studied modern contemporary and ballet. After receiving NAC Scholarship, Sufri pursued his degree and graduated with BA (HONS), in performance and choreography (2013). Sufri ventured into choreography and was awarded ‘Most Promising Work’ in Sprouts competition (2014).  Now, as an independent artist, Sufri hopes to reach out to the younger generation to share his ever-growing passion for dance.