Ms. Emily Hoe

The Substation, General Manager Singapore


As General Manager of The Substation, Emily is responsible for operations, finance, governance, fundraising, marketing and communication, human resources and Board liaison. The Substation has a $1.2 million budget and 14 full time staff. She is a spokesperson for The Substation, has been on National Arts Council assessment panels and regularly represents at events and presents the organisation to visiting schools and international visitors.

Emily joined The Substation in 2007 as Marketing Manager. In 2010 she was appointed Assistant General Manager and shortly thereafter was appointed General Manager. She has been resident in Singapore since 1998 and has extensive experience in media and marketing as well as a background in business and retail management.

Curatorial Statement

The Substation was founded in 1990 by the late theatre luminary Kuo Pao Kun. It has built a legacy of supporting emerging artists and art forms across multiple artistic disciplines. It encourages cross-disciplinary works and actively promotes adherence to strong artistic rigour and process. It is an organisation that has been at the forefront of pushing at the boundaries of art and aims to be a diverse and open space. It has worked with and supported dance, movement and choreography since its establishment.