Ms. Kira Riikonen

Routa Company, Artistic Director Kajaani, Finland


Kira Riikonen, living in Kajaani, Finland, is the Choreographer and Artistic director of Routa Company.  Her main artistic focus is to make work about issues in the surrounding world, including work that explores environmental, psychological and sociological topics.  Her latest works dealt with issues of wolf poaching, humanity, wealth and global warming.  Her choreographic style is a mixture of physical theatre and contemporary dance.

She has also worked as a dancer, choreographer and actress with many dance and theatre companies.  The relationship between text and movement is often present in her recent work.  She has taken part in collaboration with other choreographers, dancers and theatre directors within the past fifteen years.

Routa Company’s recent collaboration includes work with Australia’s Lucy Guerin Inc. and Finland’s the City Theatre of Jonesuu.  This work will premiere on 13 June 2015 in Kajaani.

Kira received her BA (Hons) in Dance at Laban Centre, London (1997-2000) and her MA in Dance at Theatre Academy, Helsinki – Finland (2006-2010).

Curatorial Statement

My curatorial approach focuses on developing a culture that supports contemporary dance in the small but active Finnish town of Kajaani.  It is part of Routa Company’s work to help artists through residencies while developing community outreach.  As our team is surrounded by a fascinating environment, we view the world as something to understand and value.  My own artistic interest is to ask questions that open up individual, local as well as global thinking.  My interest in contemporary dance is derived from questions regarding how content is enveloped in the performance, how the performance and audience meet one another, what is behind the movement and what relation dance has to other existing elements.