Ms. Luli Wang

National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA), Head of Music Project, Assistant Director, Programming Department Beijing, China

Luli Wang, works in the NCPA Programming Department. She joined NCPA in 2007 before its official opening. Over the past 8 years, she has been in charge of dance projects, drama projects, and now in charge of music projects.

Luli Wang is the head of the music projects, leading an eight-person team in charge of all the music projects in NCPA. Also, she is in charge of special music festival and special “NCPA presents” or special events too. She especially focuses on world top orchestras’ touring projects and chamber concerts.

NCPA presents over 800 commercial performances each year, and 230 of them are concerts in Concert Hall and around 100 are chamber concerts. As the best art centre in China, NCPA has already been the best place and first choice for visiting world top companies. Almost all the world best performing arts companies performed in NCPA and became friends of NCPA.