Ms. Norhayati Yusoff

Independent, Producer & Consultant


Yati Yusoff has been working in the arts industry for the past 20 years, based mainly in Singapore and South Australia.  I am now working with an Indonesian company in Jakarta, to help with its international profiling.  Some of the experiences I gained from my career includes conceptualization, planning and successful execution of festivals, one-off events and other related programmes.  To be able to do this I have developed a useful network of support locally and internationally within the industry and outside.  Being sensitive to current arts environment and issues affecting it help me understand the needs of both the artist and audience.  This in turn allows me to take calculated risks when organizing an event or advising a client.  Although my interest is in SE Asian arts, I am keen to network beyond the region to look for platforms and opportunities.

Curatorial Statement

Currently, my interest is in introducing the rich heritage and arts of the SE Asia region to the world.  Understanding the roots of these traditional arts is vital in taking it to a platform that can be accepted by the mainstream audiences.  Hence, I look out for opportunities not just for performances, but for both artistes and producers to engage in meaningful exchanges to preserve heritage and arts and at the same time making it valuable for the younger and global audiences.