Ms. Santha Bhaskar

Bhaskar’s Arts Academy (Singapore), Artistic Director Singapore


Santha Bhaskar is the Artistic Director, Bhaskar’s Arts Academy (Singapore); Chief Choreographer,  Centre for the Arts, National University of Singapore and Advisor,  Nrityalaya Aesthetics Society  (Singapore).

Over the years in Singapore, Santha Bhaskar has become synonymous with unique choreographies and concepts. With her commitment to the sophistication of traditional Indian dance and her innovative spirit of cross-cultural explorations, her works speak for themselves and continuously raise the bar. Some notable works include the Chinese folk tale Butterfly Lovers (1958) and the Thai mythological story Manohra (1996). Local poems in different languages were set to Indian dance in Rasa & Dhwani (2003). More recently, she is talked about for People Get Connected (2006), which traced human communication through the ages, Vibrations (2007), an experimental collaboration of dance, light and dramatics, CHAKRA (2012), the first traditional Indian dance production to incorporate sand art and XPressions (2013), a work that pushed boundaries in terms of orchestration and use of space. It therefore came as no surprise when Santha Bhaskar was conferred the Cultural Medallion award in 1990, the highest honour accorded to Arts practitioners in Singapore.

Curatorial Statement

Santha Bhaskar has always strived to raise the bar for the company. Her curatorial interests lie in exploration, engagement and accessibility. In line with that, works produced by the company push the boundaries and blur the lines between the different performing arts elements, and at the same time evoke engagement. Other activities of the company also try to bring the Arts to the general public from all walks of life who may otherwise have no access to this, or any other, art form.