Mr. Yi-Wei Keng

Taipei Arts Festival, Artistic Director Taipei, Taiwan


Yi-Wei Keng is the artistic director of Taipei Arts Festival (2012-2017) and the visiting assistant professor of theatre arts at Nation Taiwan University of Arts and National Taipei University of Arts. Yi-Wei had won the first prize from Ni-Kuang Sci-Fi Awards. Recently‚he made the productions of Happy Days and Robert Ashley’s opera Dust . He has written the books of The Making of Robert Wilson’s Orlando‚Robert Wilson: The Infinite Power of Lights‚The Short History of Modern Mime and Should we dance? The Comic Life of Bon Cha-cha. He translates the books from Capek’s The Gardener‘s Year, Kafka’s Letters to Felice, Havel’s Selected Plays, John Banville’s Prague Pictures, Peter Brook’s Empty Space and Cambridge Introduction to Theatre Studies.

Curatorial Statement

Contemporary dance, experientmental performance, new circus, physical theatre , music theater, and talented young directors or choregraphers who like to collaborate with Taiwanese artists and work in Taipei.