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I’m shocked that you guys are so aggressive. Russian, Ukranian, American who cares. There are a great deal of nice and well-educated men and women in every country, the same about rude and nasty. Learn more about the world, Stop judging!

Its funny. Everyone except you believes so.

To me it rather sounds like People of walmart, that is mostly Americans, I figure I can laugh at this as an American, and Russians are probably lauging at this.

Don`t mix them together with russians, please.

Welp. Someone should have seen his own pic among those preceding.

Come on, guy. These images are hilarious regardless of where they’re from. They just happen to be from Russia.

LOL. I’d like to have a run on the wall when we loved in Russia:-RRB-

What is this? Random photographs of people.

We ain’t judging we just laughing our heads off!

Damn . Yall ugly,, stay in russia please!!

Look whose talking sleeping beauty.

Is that what we get from all those Russian dating websites?

Actually the gal in the pink boots is really cute.

She is a cow, Russian of cause ha-ha-ha.

It’s so simple to terrorize others! Try first with your own shit, wherever you’re!

LOL…a distinct cultural understanding of what’s sexy?

Folks, such as why the hell would you mix the absurd photos stuff with politics. This photographs are funny/ugly/ridicoulous or whatever and people folks when posting them have consented that other may see them and comment. However, what exactly does it have to perform from which country is that, that person is from where, where section of Ukraine, Russia, as well as some Kazakhstan. Mostly what annoyed me is that 90 percent of this commenters are not even from this areas and have no clue whats happening there in fact. Sounds like you cant escape from these dialogue. Seems I m gonna go watch videos about kittens and find there comments about Russian Ukrainian battle. Enough.

Calm down, you’re the only one who made it political.

And what’s up with all the carpets on the walls? Lol.

Hey everything works. Its 14 degrees where I am right now.

I had been thinking the exact same thing about the carpets on the walls. Must be a Russian item.

I just noticed the carpets.

It’s Russia for certain hahaha.

I’m from Russia. And we are shocked and laugh at these people too. About relationship between out nations, don’t believe to your TV. My husband is from Ukraine, and I understand what is happening there really! Sorry for my English !

What is with the carpets on the walls?

I’m very interested in meeting a wonderful girl who’s MORMON or LDS FOR ETERNAL MARRIAGE AND GREAT FUN eternally.

Lol lol.

I didn’t locate them disturbing at all!

I adore the way I live and I live the way I adore.

Russia deserves a new sanction: Reduce their web!

What’s up with all the carpets on the walls? Weirdos.

It’s against chilly in winters and is already a tradition, you weirdo. Before you comment, it’s better to aducate your self!

They really like carpets on their own walls.

Well, it may be funny if these pics really were from a dating website…

First. This isn’t Russia. This Ukrainian. There news paper from Ukraine And second. I am able to show you a million freaks from USA. People has no teeth, 90 percent of population is obese and alcoholics. So. You states.

Set off NYC. And receive your data before you comment next time.

Haha forget the images that this friggin thread is Hilairious. .

It cant be Russia since it has an image of a microwave in the film with the girl with the pink boots. Microwaves are prohibited in Russia.

Microwave prohibited in Russia. :-RRB-)) Damn, who’ve tald you item absurd?! Russia is poor and in crisis today, but it’s still not third-world country.

I adore all the gals. Notably the one from the laying in road (water puddle). Yummy .

You’d Bob! I seen that the women you went outside with.

Anyone who can tell me the title of the girl from the last picture with all the energy drink? Or the title in the dating site where I can find her?

LMAO. Mighty funny images. I believe Eat Liver ought to do a show on people who take them self too seriously. I mean, some of the comments on here show that some people just don’t receive it. To people who doh’t receive it,Ttis is HUMOR. Unclench and laugh a bit.

Very interesting.they are completely to acquire a soulmate.nice to satisfy you .

Ok, guys. Those on photographs are weirdos. Russians&Ukrainians laugh too. It’s the exact same as u have plenty of Wallmart weirdos or from your dating websites or just some weirdos from everyday life. If u don’t know something — just politely ask boutit. For example why there are several carpets on their own walls. It comes from a very serious problem with chilly in Russia and Ukraine! Rugs cover walls and allow warmth not to leave the home and cold not to enter. It’s already became a tradition from old days, when there were not any air conditioning and other things that made home warm. Perhaps you’ve discovered just how chilly Russian or Ukrainian winters are. Most of past USSR nations have this "heritage ". Btw, most russians today believe carpets on a wall is a indication of the terrible taste and laugh on that too. But the majority of them really do’t get and understand the legitimate perpose of it. Young generation is just too unaducated bout those things. Should you insult others, show your face to us and believe me, we’ll find also tons of things to laugh on you.

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I enjoy the images but is there carpet on the walls? I would would like to see Russia some day.