Body of Work
World Premiere

Body of Work

Atlanta Eke
Sylvia Staehli Theatre
Mon 16 - Wed 18 March

Presented by Dancehouse

Body of Work is a dance that questions its right to contemporaneity: what is the contemporary? What is new? What is now? What is present? It does this by producing a new relationship between performance and the function of its video documentation.

The performance operates as an allegory of how the ‘present’ is constituted by the rewriting of the past and strategies aiming at success in the future. Through analysing the ‘present’ as a loop, Body of Work unfolds as an infinite present, a present always already there and continuing on into the unknown future.

Body of Work operates as a hybrid, a synthesis of biological organism and technical machine; a cyborg blurring the lines between who choreographs and who is choreographed.

Concept & Choreography: Atlanta Eke
Video: Ready Steady Studio
Music Composition: Daniel Jenatsch

Image: Gregory Lorenzutti

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