Dance Massive Brunch Talks
Arts House

Dance Massive Brunch Talks

Arts House, The Warehouse
29-63 Little Errol St, North Melbourne

Wed 11 - Thu 12, Mon 16, Wed 18 & Sun 22 March

The Dance Massive Brunch Sessions will nourish your bellies and nurture your brains. Join us for a thought provoking program of conversations that will inspire and energise you for the day ahead.

Dance Lover from Another Mother / Non-Dance Artists talk about Dance

Wednesday 11th March, 10:00am-11:30am

This is for the fans; the dance loving Melbourne artists who have careers in other artistic disciplines (theatre, live art, visual arts and music) who just can’t get enough of contemporary dance. Our Dance Lovers will share their appreciation for dance artists and works and opine on what makes dance special for them.

What do other artists notice or appreciate in dance? What do dance artists do better?

Hosted by Tristan Meecham, and including panellists Kate Davis (Set and Costume Designer); Nicola Gunn (Theatre and Live Artist); and Daniel Schlusser (Theatre Director and Performer).

Dance Lover from Another Mother is a love note from your creative cousins.

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Representation With/Out Reproduction

Thursday 12th March, 10:00am-11:30am

“Performance’s only life is in the present. Performance cannot be saved, recorded, documented, or otherwise participate in the circulation of representations of representations: once it does so, it becomes something other than performance.” (Peggy Phelan)

This Brunch Talk will look into what the action of documenting dance can generate, the document’s function and and the resultant relationship between the document and the work (and of course the porous lines between this distinctions) as well as the friction between mediums, their permanence and ephemerality.

Facilitated by Fleur Kilpatrick with Sandra Parker, Atlanta Eke, Jill Orr and Cobie Orger.

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Inter/national residencies and why it’s good to get away

Monday 16th March, 10:00am-11:30am

Australia Council research suggests that the two things artists look for in a residency are time and space for reflection and experimentation, and opportunities to connect with other artists who can stimulate ideas and possibilities.

Dance artist have found unique approaches of using the residency experience to further their practice and career development. This talk will explore these approaches with a panel of experts in the national and international residency space.

Facilitated by Amit Gill with Ása Richardsdóttir [Project Leader Wilderness dance], Vallejo Gantner, John Baylis and Leisa Shelton-Campbell.

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Different Scenes / Shared Aesthetics?

Wednesday 18th March, 10:00am-11:30am

How does the local scene influence your practice?
Listen as five contemporary dance artists from around Australian describe their own aesthetics and influences including other individual artists and scenes they’ve been a part of. We ask them what have you contributed aesthetically or energetically to your local scene?

How would you describe it, what holds it together, where is it, what is it missing?

We will then open up the floor for a group discussion on whether its important to have a local scene and if so, why? How can interstate people get involved in local scenes? Do national residencies help in getting involved in the local scene? How do we keep our individuality as different scenes? How can/should we  broaden our programming and extend our audience reach and not undermine local scenes? I.e. a national DM model? All these questions and more.

Facilitated by Angharad Wynne-Jones, with Paul Selwyn Norton WA, Katrina Lazarof SA, Stephanie Lake VIC, Latai Taumoepeau NSW, Merindah Donnelly NT.

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Critnic and Dance Massive BBQ

Sunday 22nd March 12pm-2pm

Presented by Nat Cursio Co, Malthouse Theatre and Dance Massive.

Join us for the next edition of Nat Cursio’s Critnic followed by a casual BBQ cooked by your very own Dance Massive consortium members, Josh Wright [Malthouse Theatre] and Andy Howitt [Ausdance Vic].

For more information and to book visit the Critnic Event Page.