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Extra Massive at Arts House

To Write: Dance Massive Writers Workshop

Ongoing throughout Dance Massive 2015

This year, Dance Massive will host a pilot writers’ workshop that seeks to grow the number of people writing on dance in Australia. The workshop will bring together established dance writers who collectively demonstrate a range of approaches to writing with participants interested to develop their critical voice and/or writing skills on dance. The one-day workshop will involve presentations, readings, writing exercises and discussions of current approaches to writing on dance, choices in language, the importance of editing, the notion of audience, and more. During the Festival participants will exercise their workshop experience by writing online texts that respond to a number of Dance Massive performances. These texts, varying in voice, style and content, will be published on the Dance Massive website throughout the Festival and beyond.

Participants: Chloe Chignell, Nat Cursio, Tom Gittings, Helen Grogan, Gracia Haby, Dave Huggins, Varia Karipoff, Ash Kilmartin, Leah Landau, Rennie McDougall, Michelle Mantsio, Anny Mokotow, Phip Murray, Tamara Searle and Laura Summers

Speakers: Erin Brannigan, Philippa Hawker, Philipa Rothfield

Read the online texts here.

The ‘To Write: Dance Massive Writing Workshop’ has been initiated by Hannah Mathews as part of an occasional series of workshops considering dance, choreography and the visual arts. Image credit: Bruno Munari, 1963