Extra Massive at Dancehouse

Extra Massive at Dancehouse

Simone's Boudoir Conversation Series - Ritual as performance / Performance as Ritual

Friday 13 March, 5-7pm

With this conversation we are interrogating  in what ways embodied practices could be said to perform or evoke notions of ritual and to what extent dance can be considered a form of ritual today, and if so, what elements of dance practice constitute ritual?
With Anne Marsh, Jill Orr and Sarah Jane Norman (TBC)– facilitated by Philipa Rothfield

WHEN: Friday 13 March, 5-7pm
WHERE: Alice’s Bookshop, 629 Rathdowne St, Carlton North VIC 3054
PRICE: Free but bookings essential.

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Screenings by Sue Healey

Saturday 14 March, 6pm

VIRTUOSI Created by award-winning choreographer and filmmaker Sue Healey with music by New Zealand jazz legend Mike Nock, Virtuosi is a feature length documentary about the drive to be an artist and the special nature of virtuosity in dance. Through exhilarating dance and stories from the heart, Virtuosi reveals intimate and astounding portraits of eight New Zealand dance artists. Destined for greatness, these artists all left their homeland in their youth to pursue careers around the world. They have each achieved remarkable things in the world of contemporary dance and through this film, audiences have the rare chance to witness their artistry as they reflect on their careers. Awards: Outstanding Achievement in Dance on Film, Australian Dance Awards 2013 / Silver for Cinematographer Judd Overton 2013 ACS Awards Australia for Documentaries, Cinema & TV Watch the video trailer here.

THE GOLDS Created by renowned choreographer and filmmaker Sue Healey, this documentary features a dance company of over 60 year old’s – vital, idiosyncratic, and complex individuals, who defy the preconception that dance is only for the young.  THE GOLDS (Growing Old Disgracefully) are a group of Canberrans, who after retiring from a diversity of careers, now live to dance.  The film gives insights into the art of ageing, revealing that creativity is something we should continue to seek and experience even at 90. THE GOLDS put the ‘gorwing’ back into gorwing old! Experimenting with form and perception, Healey creates dance for diverse spaces; theatres, specific sites and the screen, in Australia and interntionally. “Shows the transformative power of dance…a truly beautiful film.” – Michelle Potter, On Dancing.

WHEN: Saturday 14 March , 6pm [loop]
WHERE: 23, Meyers Place, Melbourne
PRICE: free entry

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Bodies Of Thought [Book Launch]

Saturday 14 March, 7pm

Dr Erin Brannigan and Virginia Baxter A Groundbreaking new book for lovers of Australian contemporary dance! A generation of award-winning, innovative Australian choreographers are the subjects of this beautifully designed book which features a work by each artist with an accessible interview and an insightful essay by a leading dance writer. KATE CHAMPION, ROSALIND CRISP, TESS DE QUINCEY, RUSSELL DUMAS, LUCY GUERIN, SUE HEALEY, HELEN HERBERTSON, GIDEON OBARZANEK, STEPHEN PAGE, GARRY STEWART, MERYL TANKARD, ROS WARBY

WHEN: Saturday 14 March, 7pm
WHERE: Dancehouse foyer
PRICE: Free but bookings essential.

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Simone's Boudoir Conversation Series - What the body can do: Dance & Ethics

Sunday 22 March, 11am-1pm

To what extent is the aesthetic domain affected by ethical concerns? If dance is an interactive, relational practice of innovation, then it will by its very nature be subject to ethical forces and concerns. Ethical notions of responsibility need not be posed in terms of dogmatic morality (rules and responsibilities) but may be thought corporeally, in terms of force, fluctuation, power, and affect. In this conversation, we are exploring the notion of ethics within and in relation to the moving body, in all its permutations and combinations.

With Elisabeth Keen, Jana Percovic and Liz Dean – facilitated by Dr. Philipa Rothfield

WHEN: Sunday March 22nd, 11am to 1pm
WHERE: Travelling Samovar, 412, Rathdowne St Carlton North
PRICE: Free but bookings essential.

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