Long Grass
Arts House

Long Grass

Vicki Van Hout
Arts House,
Meat Market
Tue 10 - Sat 14 March

Presented by Arts House, Performance Space and Intimate Spectacle

Five people come out from the tall spear grass. He’s feeling no-good sorry way, he says. She bin look after him, but really wants a holiday. He’s runaway from payback, waiting for mob to forget. And she bin on the grog, always ‘luring ‘luring, causing trouble.  

To live ‘long grass’ is to live on the fringe, yet right in the middle of the city – the Northern Territory term for Aboriginal people perceived as being homeless. Can honour, courage, solidarity and belonging exist outside a formal postcode and the trappings of stable housing?

Indigenous choreographer Vicki Van Hout’s powerful new dance theatre work Long Grass combines weaving, shadowplay, text and sparse video with an idiosyncratic dance language indicative of the Top End; to find warmth, humour and play in a community at the edge.

Director & Choreographer: Vicki Van Hout
Cultural Consultant & Voice/Sound: Gary Lang
Sound Designer: Phil Downing
Designer: Clare Britton
Lighting Designer: Clytie Smith
Dancers: Darren Edwards, Thomas E Kelly, Katina Olsen, Caleena Sansbury, Taree Sansbury
Community Liaison: Ben Graetz
Co-Producers: Harley Stumm, Steph Walker
Production Manager: Richard Whitehouse
Stage Manager: Natalie Ayton

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