Arts House


Rebecca Jensen & Sarah Aiken
Arts House,
North Melbourne Town Hall
Tue 10 - Sat 14 March

Presented by Arts House, Rebecca Jensen & Sarah Aiken

Young goddesses rise from the debris of pop culture

OVERWORLD deals with how we access and broadcast information online, how we connect to information and to each other, what is meaningful and what is not.

Inspired by our immediate and unlimited capacity to access pop culture just as easily as ancient ritual and spiritual practice, OVERWORLD appropriates neo-paganism, yoga, music videos, death metal, online gaming, erotica and You-Tube. These disparate worlds are placed side by side, questioning how our uninhibited and superficial access to this information affects not only the way we relate to it, but more so, how we value it.

Creators & Performers:  Sarah Aiken, Rebecca Jensen
Collaborating Performers: Janine Proost, Rachel Coulson
Lighting & Stage Designer: Rose Connors Dance
Sound Designer: ART Wilson (aka Andras Fox)Costume Designer: Cary Aiken

Image: Eliza Dyball

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“OVERWORLD heralds a new aesthetic in high art: maximalist, freely mixing high and low references, unapologetically feminine, silly rather than stern, but thoughtful.” [Real Time] NEXT WAVE : Risk yields new forces – Maximum & Overworld

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