The Boom Project
Arts House
World Premiere

The Boom Project

Rosalind Crisp / Omeo Dance
Arts House at Blueprint Showroom,
183 Laurens St, North Melbourne
Fri 13 - Sat 21 March

Presented by Arts House & Rosalind Crisp / Omeo Dance

The Boom Project is conceived as a live interplay between a dancer/choreographer, an artistic companion/provocateur and a designer.

Dance has exhausted herself. Form is collapsing. Nature is rapidly being extinguished. Our house is burning, hors contrôl.

In the wake of this collapse, the infinite potential of our human attention is exposed.

No longer the centre of a domesticated world, Dance has gone wild, unfastened herself, each moment a tear in time.

Dancer & Choreographer: Rosalind Crisp
Artistic Companion & Provocateur: Helen Herbertson
Designer: Ben Cobham
Design Delivery: Bluebottle
Management: Kara Ward

Image: Heidrun Löhr

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