Tiny Slopes
Malthouse Theatre

Tiny Slopes

Nat Cursio Co.
[Creative Development]
The Coopers Malthouse,
Beckett Theatre
Tue 10 - Sat 14 March

Presented by Nat Cursio Co. in association with Malthouse Theatre
Creative Development Residency

Dancers on skateboards; no tricks, no half pipe and no experience. This is a choreography of action, of body, object and sound, where fear and mistakes are exposed, making visible the humility one adopts in order to learn something new. Three skateboarding-amateurs’ vulnerability is resolved by a quiet but focused determination to master. Tiny Slopes becomes an orchestration of lines, rolls, falterings and failings, to reveal small moments of satisfaction – the incremental ‘wins’ – which are rendered monumental.

Director & Choreographer: Nat Cursio
Choreographers & Performers: Alice Dixon, Melissa Jones, Caroline Meaden, Francesca Meale [Understudy]

Photo: Pete Brundle